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blueberry fruit powder
Our History
   Shaanxi Dongyu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd (as DONGYU in brief) was founded in 2001, with its location at beautiful Xixiang County of North-West of China. It is specializing in organic tea clutivation ,tea health foods, natural herb extracts and organic fruit and vegetables. It also focuses on organic tea cultivation and clean process, organic tea healthy foods, natural herbs extraction,organic fruit and vegetables powder production for those past years.
We built modern natural plant extracts production line in 2013. The project was 12th five-year national supporting plan by Ministry of Science and Technology. The technology of extraction is researcher and developed by the Tea Reserach Institude of Hangzhou and Zhejiang University. The occupied area of the plant is 3000 square meters and the annual production capability is about 200 tons. The whole processing of production strictly accords with GMP standards.  The morden factory strictly follows the requirements of clean, safe, natural production. Also the newly built extraction factory follows the GMP requirements of domestic and foreign countries on purified water system, titration solvents residues, control area, testing, etc.
Our Factory
DONGYU holds its right of over 3 million square meters tea plant garden in the depths of sorth Qinling Mount, the highest mountain in the middle of China. As raw material of tea polyphenols, our tea got the organic certificate of the China Tea Research Institute from cultivation, production and processing. During the process of growing tea, we strictly refuse to use any chemical fertilizer, herbicide, plant grow regulator and chemical food additive. To make sure the organic of its raw materials, DONGYU strictly follows the regulatory rules on organic of domestic and foreign anthority or committees. all its fresh tea can meet the requirements of organic product of Chinese, EU, USA, Janpan, etc. especially on pesticide residues. It got the Chinese Organic Certification over 15 years and 2 years of EU as well as USA. As tea plantation is located in the Mount Dabashan selenium-rich area, our tea contains 50-80 mg of per kg and about 3 mg of zinc per kg. The characteristic of the product is rich in trace elements zinc and selenium. We built green tea processing and production factory with annual capacity of 500 tons. For other extracts, we research for high-grade technology on its low cost, high purity or assay, minium residues solvents, etc. based on the specification of EP, USP or clients requirements. The factory has its capacity of over 200 tons per year in different extraction types.

Our Product
We provide tea, green tea extracts, fruit and vegetable powder, and other plant extracts to companies around the world, from large multinational companies to small individual companies.  
DONGYU Products includes the following:
1, Tea
2, Green tea extract
3, Herbal extract
4, Organic fruit and vegetabes powder

Product Application
Our products are widely used in food, medicine, health products. For example, often drink tea, can provide the body needs nutrition. Tea not only has antioxidant effect, but also can play a certain role in health care. Our herbal extracts, fruits and vegetables powder are also used in the field of food and beverage and daily necessities.
Our Certificate
We always feel that the success of our company is directly related to the quality of our products. They meet the highest quality requirements required by ISO9001, HACCP, organic production certificates,EU and SGS guidelines and strict quality control systems.
Production Equipment
In our extract factory, we normally use hot purified water, or ethanol at the first step, then centrifuges, ultrafiltration, membrane concentration, column chromotography seperation, spray, dry,screening, then package. All the machines we use are stainless steel, and fire & explosion proof. Also those as of GMP standards.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Like The United States, Italy,  the United Kingdom, Russia, India, Sweden and so on. In addition, we have a long-term cooperation with many domestic companies. It received unanimous praise from both at home and abroad.
Our service
Good after sale, we usual do the same before and after sale, if there is any query or problems, kindly contact us, we'll reply you within 24hours.
For some new product and those old product, DONGYU cooperates with some famous universities on its process development and update so as to comply with those demands of different clients.

Also, DONGYU is always welcome those income production, new products cooperation, research centre construction. you are fully welcome to chose your time to be our site for further discussion of business and others.
sales@chinadongyu.comblueberry fruit powder

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