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Rattan Square Plastic Folding Chair Made in China
Our History  
rubber technology limited company started in the beautiful scenery of the East China Sea coast of Taizhou three East Gate Xie, located in the two thousand year history of the Three Kingdoms period, Jiajingnianjian Qi Jiguang at Taiwan capital in Taizhou and three generation civil military build against foreign Our wills unite like a fortress. for good words.
The main production of various specifications of Home Furnishing table chair and stool folding table folding furniture series injection blow molding, mainly the production of various specifications of road traffic facilities barrier products PVC road cone water horse anti-collision barrel Yanpo road deceleration zone roadblock locators, the patent R & D is 4 feet folding table plastic rattan table balcony table blow cocktail table road signs green Olympic water horse PVC road cone ten injection blow molding products, the company in good faith-based, win-win and mutual benefit and win-win future vitality Hongqiao social commitment work spirit and purpose, adhere to the development of the concept of hongqiao. The company focus on research and development work, the unique design of the products exported to Europe and France Italy Spain and Portugal, the United States and Canada, the Middle East West Africa, Latin America, customers involved in more than 100 countries and regions.
Companies in technology gradually recommended the production of traditional mode to the modern mode of production machinery automatic innovation in transformation, the company attaches great importance to the enterprise culture, the monthly production safety will emphasize the safety Quanchen humanistic quality department supervisor week of the staff of the general assembly, on low carbon energy saving and environmental protection production safety, fair labor, reward punishment bulletin there are customers to visit, photo electronic transfer LED screen, employee birthday blessing, very cold and hot weather will reduce the labor time and payment of high subsidies. Older employees account for more than 7.
There are 2 salesmen and business assistants in the domestic and foreign trade elite. The company pays attention to overseas market development. European customers have OBI LIDL ALDI CAREEFOUR. North American customers have STAPLE HOME DEPOT.
We will continue to improve and sales promotion methods directly to customers to feel the latest and accurate and accurate sales service.
I believe that Hongqiao people believe in the family of love and love. I believe that the busy production chain in a clean workshop will be a wonderful paradise for the people of Hongqiao. Free heart and free life. Heaven and earth and the vitality of social commitment Hongqiao win-win future

Our Factory  
The company is located at the national highway G15 intersection, S214, which is 4 kilometers away from the Ningbo Taizhou expressway. It is close to the Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway. It is 160 kilometers away from Ningbo port, 380 kilometers from Shanghai port area and 3 kilometers from three high-speed rail stations.
Help the national policy of three origin after the reform and opening up, the local people active transformation after decades of development, the three doors in rubber and plastic industry manufacturing exports is to belt conveyor belt manufacturing industry as the pillar industry, manufacturing and transportation facilities product of automobile roof coastal leisure products products Xianju Huangyan industrial products mould process work together to support the industrialization of Taizhou cluster chain

Our Product  
Zhejiang Sanmen Hongqiao Rubber And Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional R & D and production of various kinds of rubber injection blow molding plastic products enterprises, under the jurisdiction of Hongqiao traffic facilities Co., Ltd. "and" Hongqiao (Marine) Home Furnishing leisure".
The company was registered in 2003, married couples together through family workshops to stand together through storm and stress collective housing, to 2006 Zhu Ao formally established Hongqiao traffic facilities to 2009 three door into the North Village Bridge traffic in the beautiful scenery of the west gate last three Ao Industrial Zone, the factory after more than ten years of development, has moved eight times, from scratch, Hongqiao at the end of 2014 a new factory own family  
Product Application  
The company currently owns more than 2000 yuan in fixed assets, the annual output value reached 120 million yuan, annual profits of more than 1500 yuan, the enterprise has passed ISO 9001-2000, three national safety production enterprises, TUV/GS quality system certification in Europe through the human rights and social responsibility system certification BSCI, SGS factory social responsibility system certification. At the same time, the highest level for a North American BIFMA certification
The three door Hongqiao rubber technology limited company covers an area of more than 8 square meters, covers an area of 65 mu, building area of 50 thousand square meters, a total staff of 280 employees, season of more than 330 people, including 20 engineering technicians and senior management personnel, design, development of national patent of more than 10, 500G to 15000G computer embryo machine mixing machine equipment of all kinds of injection blow molding machine bending machine CNC machining, with advanced hydraulic continuous punching machine and robot intelligent welding machine 4 sets, 26 sets of rubber machine, blow molding machine, 12 sets of 10 sets of injection molding machines. Automatic packaging line, assembly workshop of water chain in 14 groups. The factory has more than 100 cameras, anti-terrorism anti-theft monitoring, the implementation of 5S fine management. Production process from injection molding to hardware production of phosphating acid washing drying spray to assembly packaging, various departments to implement the principles of Kanban management cleaning and rectifying
Our Certificate  
Enterprise has passed ISO 9001-9001, the national level 3 safety production enterprises, TUV/GS quality system certification, has passed the certification of human rights and social responsibility system in Europe BSCI, SGS inspection attestation of system of social responsibility, at the same time to application for north American BIFMA highest rank system certification
Invented in product design and appearance of invention has ten patents at home and abroad
Production Equipment  
There are 20 engineering and senior management personnel, and designed and developed more than 10 national patents, there are 500 g to 15000 g computer machine mixing materials of all kinds of injection moulding machine type bending machine numerical control machine tool equipment, with advanced intelligent hydraulic punching machine and manipulator welding machine 4 units, 26 rubber pressure machines, blow molding machine 10 sets of injection molding machine 12. The automation line of automatic packaging, assembly workshop water chain 14 groups Rattan Square Plastic Folding Chair Made in China

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