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Vinyl Sports Flooring suppliers
3.5mm / 4.5mm PVC Sports Court Vinyl Flooring manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler in China. Since 2003, we have been focused on producing Sports Vinyl Flooring.
PVC Sport Flooring Roll main structure:
UV Layer + Transparent Wearlayer + Fiberglass Layer + Foam Layer
1 :Stability:
Glass fiber ensures that the size of the product during the movement of the stability and robustness, and played a role in the auto-reinforcement.
The formation of a relatively vacuum state, with more adhesion, movement More stable.
Better protect the eyes of athletes, more shock absorption and rebound. Effectively reduce the impact of athletes' legs, better to avoid sports injuries and improve the level of athletes to play.
4:Durability and wear resistance:
100% pure PVC wear layer, anti-aging and fastening technology processing, wear pressure, the service life of up to 15 years.
Shanghai 3C Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler of PVC Sport flooring in China. We offer best quality PVC Vinyl Flooring Sheet, Sport Vinyl Flooring.
If you have interest of our Sport Court PVC Flooring, please contact us freely!Vinyl Sports Flooring suppliers

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